An ADU with a little extra flare

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a granny flat, in-law suite, or secondary dwelling unit, is an additional living space on a property that already has a primary residence. ADUs can be detached from the main house, attached to it, or built within the existing structure.

ADUs serve a variety of purposes, depending on the homeowner’s needs. They can provide a private living space for aging parents, an independent living area for adult children, or a source of rental income.

ADUs are typically complete living spaces, with a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and at least one bedroom. They can be as small as a studio apartment or as large as a full-sized house, though most are somewhere in between.

The popularity of ADUs has grown significantly in recent years, as they offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to housing shortages in many areas. They allow homeowners to make better use of their property, while also providing a potential source of income. In some cases, local governments have even passed laws to encourage the creation of ADUs as a way to address housing affordability issues.

Creative Concepts Construction built a 695 sq ft ADU, separate from the main house, specifically designed for an older family member as she moves into a new life stage.

We’ve tailored her space for both comfort and safety, including a custom walk-in shower with grab bars, a user-friendly pull away shower head, and a bench. We’ve thoughtfully placed a handy island in lieu of a space-consuming dining room table in the ADU. We’ve also added a mini-split system with dual control points, one in the living room and another in the bedroom, to maintain optimal comfort.

In the kitchen, we’ve added custom shelving with ambient lighting, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space. And for easy bathroom access from her room, we’ve installed a stylish barn door.

To top it off, we’ve created a compact closet area furnished with a stackable washer/dryer, catering to her laundry needs.

Should you require additional living space, or are exploring opportunities for generating income, do not hesitate to reach out to Creative Concepts Construction. We’re here to serve your needs.

Let us know how we can make your Dreams come TRUE.

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